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№ 146 - Romanovskaya, 1613 year

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Romanovskaya, 1613 year Romanovskaya, 1613 year
Romanovskaya, 1613 year

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Museum of Local History
347350, Rostov region, Romanovskaya, 50 Pobedy street, 71

+7 (86394) 7-10-84

Address: 347350, Rostov region, Romanovskaya Russia

Town is founded by the Cossack chieftain Smaga Chershensky and named in honour of entering to the Russian throne of Tsar Mikhail Romanov. There are a lot of different festivals carried out here: the all-Russian festival of the bard (author's) songs "The strings of the soul", competition "Children of the Oz", "Brave Don Cossacks" etc.